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English Excel

English Excel was founded in 2000 with the aim of providing high quality, interactive English classes for all ages. It was our goal to create what was missing from the English learning arena; small classes, taught by pro-fessional native teachers with a low teacher turnover. We have exceeded those early goals; today ...


The majority of courses/classes available in Hong Kong tend to have large class sizes. Classes with high student numbers allow less vocal members of the class to ‘hide' behind the more confident class members, creating an uneven learning environment. Small class sizes play an enormous...




Students learn using learning materials that have been specially designed to meet the needs of Hong Kong students. Individual learning plans (I.L.P.s) are created from a vast bank of thousands of worksheets/learning resources. As language proficiency increases, teaching resources closely follow those used by U.K. schools.



We know how important it is for both parents’ peace of mind and students’ progress to have a qualified native teacher. We only employ fulltime native English Teachers who possess first degrees and postgraduate teaching diplomas. We never employ part-time/casual non-native unqualified teachers. This ensures that your child is the teacher’s priority and that...



88% Referral Jan to May 2014

We are proud of our reputation and the comments students and parents have about us. Amazingly, 88% of enrolments this year across our six established Schools have come from referrals. To see what students and parents say about us, click here.



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